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Responsible Gaming

Providing a safe betting environment.
We aim to provide a safe and secure betting environment at all the outlets in our retail network. For instance, customers at our Livewire venues can enjoy a little flutter without the influence of alcohol and smoke, and stay away from illegal betting activities.

Deploying RG Ambassadors

We have RG Ambassadors in our live betting venues to help watch out for signs of problem gambling. These trained professionals look out for customers who might require some reminders not to play beyond their means.To learn more, click here to read the interview with one of our RG Ambassadors, Mr Manjit.

Offering the exclusion options to customers
In line with our commitment to RG, we are happy to support your effort to exercise control over your betting activity by

adding you or your family members to our exclusion database. If you or your family members would like to apply for the exclusion from Swiss Lottery account betting, please contact our.

If you feel that your family member, who has a Swiss Lottery Account, may need help, contact our Customer Feedback Line at 33714451. We can put him/her in touch with one of our RG Ambassadors and/or refer him/her to help agencies. If your family member has a Casino Family Exclusion Order from NCPG, you can produce a copy for Swiss Lottery to suspend his/her account with us.  

We also support the Centralised Exclusion System by the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Training our staff and retailers

We ensure all employees are inculcated with our responsible gaming philosophy starting with their orientation.

Each year, staff, retailers and business partners are required to attend RG training. This involves activity-based learning sessions, talks by counsellors and experts, followed by quizzes to reinforce knowledge of principles and the importance of caring for our customers.

Frontline staff and retailers interact with our customers and play a key role in identifying and combatting problem gambling. They are trained to apply RG values when dealing with our customers.

Adopting responsible game design and communication
Our product design and communications strategy put RG principles first. We design our offerings in a manner that will not be likely to encourage excessive and irresponsible play.

Game design elements we put in place include:

Low minimum bet amount for lottery games.

Modest jackpots relative to international standards. Around $10 million and offered only for special lottery draws that happen a few times a year.
Account betting services limited to customers at least 21 years of age and have a minimum income of $30,000 per year.
Self-control mechanisms for accounts such as budget setting and a self-exclusion option.
No betting on credit. Our outlets only accept cash and NETS.
No product designed to attract persons under the age of 18.
We do not play up the rewards of gambling in an active effort to avoid encouraging addiction. We adhere to guidelines on the use of words, tone, imagery and style in everything we publish. Not only do we watch out for the content, we limit the reach of our communication. Our materials are largely confined within our website and in-store. Notices in mass media carry only essential information.